• System Roles: Training Feb 2023
    • LCBC: Prolac Team
    • Development Partners: World Bank (PROLAC)
    • Developer: LIS Developer
    • Developer: KMP Developer
    • Developer: WB Consultant Team
Risk Drivers
The INFORM Risk Index is a global, open-source risk assessment for humanitarian crises and disasters. It can support decisions about prevention, preparedness and response. INFORM is a multi-stakeholder forum for developing shared, quantitative analysis relevant to humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM includes organisations from across the multilateral system, including the humanitarian and development sector, donors, and technical partners. The Joint Research Center of European Commission is the scientific lead for INFORM. INFORM Risk Index has three dimensions: (1) hazard & exposure, (2) vulnerability and (3) lack of coping capacity. Each dimension encompasses different categories and risk drivers, which are user-driven concepts related to the needs of humanitarian and resilience actors. For more information go to: https://drmkc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/inform-index/INFORM-Risk/Methodology