• System Roles: Training Feb 2023
    • Developer: KMP Developer
    • Developer: WB Consultant Team

Geo Portal

The Geoportal is structured in six drop-down technical menus (Fragility/COnflict/Violence, Climate, Water, Environment and Socio-economy), to which submenus are associated. In addition to these thematic menus, the user can use the Map Composer to create his own map with desired information available in the LIS.

The themed submenus are presented as interactive web page which are composed of the following elements:

  1. a general description presents the subject;
  2. a browser window displays a thematic map on the subject, allowing for navigation (pan, zoom in, zoom out) and query possibilities (selection of point, line and polygon features);
  3. an interactive legend (layer list) describes the symbols and colors of each layer. Both the descriptive text and the legend can be unfolded or activated by clicking on the + symbol attached to the heading;
  4. the source of data is specified in a table located below the thematic map;
  5. finally, with the interactive selection of a specific feature (point, line or polygon) a table with the corresponding attribute information (e.g. time series analysis of data) for the selected feature appears.