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    • LCBC: Prolac Team
    • Developer: KMP Developer
    • Developer: WB Consultant Team
Frequently Asked Questions
Project RegistryWhich coordinate system is used to add project activity locations?
Project RegistryHow to print the map view of project data?
GeoportalHow to print the map in the Map Composer?
DialogHow to print the map in the Sub-Menus (FCV, Climate, Water, Environment, Socio-Economy etc.) of the Geoportal?
E-LibraryHow to enter multiple authors for a document?
E-LibraryHow and how many keywords can be entered?
GeoportalHow to filter Incidents list?
GeoportalWater Quality refers to domestic use or irrigation suitability?
GeoportalHow can I access LIS Geoserver (shapes and images etc.) with a Geographic Information System liek QGIS or ArcGIS?
GeoportalHow can I add/remove layers in the map composer?
CalendarHow to subscribe to a new calender under my calender?
DialogWhat is the difference between a calender entry and a conference entry?
CalendarWill the calendar remind me of an upcoming event?
CalendarHow to integrate my subscription to a calender (under My Calendar) into my personal calendar software (e.g. OUTLOOK/GMAIL Calendar)?
GeoportalHow to zoom IN and OUT on a map?
Project RegistryHow to download a project list?
Project RegistryHow to delete a project entry?
NewsHow can I add a new item?