• LCBC: Prolac Team
    • Developer: KMP Developer
    • Developer: WB Consultant Team


The LIS was developed with German cooperation funds from 2014 to 2022 as part of the LCBC-GIZ project " Applied Water Resources Management in the Lake Chad Basin " and focuses on the storage, visualization and exchange of data and information on integrated water resources management in the Lake Chad Basin.


From 2022, the LIS is further expanded into a knowledge management platform (KMP) as part of the World Bank-funded " Lake Chad Region Recovery and Development Project" PROLAC that helps policy makers understand and report on development challenges and fragility conflict and violence drivers and enhance dialogue between stakeholders in the region. The new functions of the LIS-KMP includes:

  1. Multi-layer datacenter (Map Composer):an updated and publicly available multi-layered database drawing on geospatial data, satellite imagery, raster data, and other datasets from trusted and verified sources covering the Lake Chad Region
  2. Geoportal presenting Lake Chad multi-dimensional indicators used to compare developments on several axes, including governance, socio-economic development, security and social cohesion, collected through surveys
  3. LCBC e-library, a centralized catalogue of existing regional studies, reports (etc.) with executive summaries in both English and French
  4. Project mapping in the Lake Chad area, broken down by organisations, sectors and regions